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Rent a Car Wrocław

Rental Terms & Conditions

Information on car rental terms::

  • Mostly the vehicles are comfortable and well equipped (air-conditioner, power steering, CD and Radio, power door lock)
  • One rental day is 24 hours
  • The customer receives a car fully tanked and is obliged to return it full tank too
  • Pets can be transported only in special containers
  • It is forbidden to smoke in our cars
  • You must be over 21 to rent a car
  • Trips abroad must be reported to our employee


ID and driver's license valid for at least one year are required. In case of additional drivers, IDs and driver`s licenses are required too. In case of company, copies of the following documents: Regon, NIP and statement about registration with Registry of Economic Activity or copy of KRS record.


All offered cars have full insurance included in rent price.

Short and long-term rental

1 to 3 days is a short-term rental
4 to 10 days is a long-term rental
Prolongation for more than an 1 hour equals an extra day charge. The rate of rental will not be reduced for a prolonged period. Customer has the right to shorten the rental period, yet it will involve the rise of rental rate and the extra charge may be required.

Delivery of a car

Delivery or collection depends on distance from Opole. Outside Opole the price will be determined with a customer individually.

We offer as standard

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