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Wrocław: Center but open to cars?

The city changed its position on reducing traffic in the city center and withdrawing from the idea of closing old car. Despite the earlier announcement of the creation of the magistrate abandoned promenade on the Krupnicza street, reducing traffic on the Kazimierz Wielki street and many other changes. The reason? Lack of money.

Coming magistrate were noisy and categorical, despite the opposition of the inhabitants. The center could move only on foot, by bicycle or by public transport. Wroclaw was to follow the example of other European cities, such as Copenhagen, the center of which is completely closed to traffic. They told that this is the only way to traffic jams, which are a major problem in Wroclaw. However, the city clearly softened its policy on this issue.

Reducing traffic on the route was going to be considerable, because the planned closure of the entire road. Instead of thread toward the Ruska street was created avenue for walking and cycling path. Drivers would be left only roadway in the direction of Dominican square go in which both parties. The motion was to be completely closed Solny square and on the Kazimierz Wielki street, only limited. On the other hand, on the Krupnicza street promenade was built.

However, the city conducted a number of significant changes in traffic in the city center limited car. Krupnicza street and Widok street and completely closed. Kuźnicza street and Kiełbaśnicza street, which was transformed into a promenade. Promenade Kiełbaśnicza street lasted only one year, because the city was the pressure of local traders shops and who complained that after the closure of the street dropped their speed. Magistrate agreed to their demand to open it again for cars. Out of season, when the beer gardens are functioning, ie from November 15 to March 15, the driver will be able to once again get back to it.

- For now, there is no need to create in the next pedestrian. The streets where we wanted the most, such as Kuźnicza have already been closed. Old Town is the area that is to be freed from the car, but not a madman. We do not want a revolution, only evolution - explains Paul Czuma, head of the press office in the hall.

With the new policy, the city agrees to Christopher Bramorski, councilor of the Platforma Obywatelska, which criticized the authorities of Wrocław too hasty closing of streets:

I am glad that common sense prevailed. This return to a rational modification of traffic in the city. Before you close the street, you have to create an alternative to drivers. If you do not want to replace the city museum, we need to allow him to function normally. In the center there are companies people work for which it should be possible directions. Many European capitals like Berlin or Rome, you do not close their centers. Public transport is not an alternative for everyone. Not everyone can give up the car. So you can not cut people to get there and say, "Let them cope."

Another view is Przemysław Beautification Society Pillar of the City of Wroclaw municipal:

Decision to abandon the creation of pedestrian is incompatible with the "Transport policy breaks", where already in 1999 the councilors wrote that the center should be placed on the priority for pedestrians. For a long time we hear that this resolution will finally be realized. Therefore concessions to the drivers are completely incomprehensible. For this reason we have traffic jams in the city. Wroclaw is twice more cars than in Berlin per capita. Therefore, parking problems, but also to air pollution, which is comparable to Wałbrzych. Losing even Katowice. It discourages flat in Wroclaw. Many people are moving out of here, and that means less tax revenue, less investment.

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