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  • Additional wagons for long weekend

    Coming to Corpus Christi. For some, the opportunity for a weekend out of town. On this occasion, it is planned to increase the number of wagons on some trains. Will appear on the routes:

  • The scandal of meleksy

    A month ago parking places in pl. Solny was eliminated. There should stay meleksy. It has been limited five positions for these cars, but they do not park there because there is too much distance from the Market Square.

  • The air terminal in Wrocław has more and more passengers

    In February, the airport handled about 1.4 percent more passengers than last year at this time. The largest increases were recorded in the network of international connections. To Copenhagen, Munich, Duesseldorf and Frankfurt was checked 13.4 percent more passengers than a year ago.In February, the airport handled about 1.4 percent more passengers than last year at this time. The largest increases were recorded in the network of international connections. To Copenhagen, Munich, Duesseldorf and Frankfurt was checked 13.4 percent more passengers than a year ago.

  • Explore the castles of Lower Silesia - plan trips

    Tourists are welcome to visit the monuments of Lower Silesia. People planning a longer stay in the area can see the real treasures.

    Plan trip:

  • Wrocław: Center but open to cars?

    The city changed its position on reducing traffic in the city center and withdrawing from the idea of closing old car. Despite the earlier announcement of the creation of the magistrate abandoned promenade on the Krupnicza street, reducing traffic on the Kazimierz Wielki street and many other changes. The reason? Lack of money.

  • Wrocław - if you lose, standing in traffic jams?

    As shown in the "Report of the traffic in 7 major Polish cities," prepared by Deloitte and Wroclaw average car driver loses standing in traffic jams each year 2,634 zł. Of Warsaw, Poznan, Krakow, Gdansk, Lodz and Katowice - Wroclaw performed better from Warsaw (where the traffic jams are spent around 9 hours. Per month), Gdansk and Krakow (estimated time monthly traffic of more than 6 hours). Least drivers spend in traffic jams capital of Silesia, where the total monthly late on a 10-kilometer route was calculated for 3 hours 34 minutes.

  • More police patrols in and around schools

    More police officers in and around the school is the result of starting with the new school year of the "safe route to school." As part of this action, the police will help children cross the road safely, but apart from that the return will be increased attention on drivers caution in the vicinity of schools. Police patrols will be expected to be close to schools from 7am.

  • More mobile radars on the roads in Lower Silesia

    Starting this month, the Road Transport Inspectorate has started to use unmarked patrol cars. However, these police cars will not be armed with video camera typical for police cars, and instead Road Transport Inspectorate will work on the newly received speed camera - similar to those that faced the road.

    This is quite a bit easier capturing pirates road. Previously, traffic police officers can stop drivers breaking the rules to control after delivery of the video. The introduction of these changes is to enable the immediate issuance of the mandate.

  • Hire cheap from airport car than ride taxi

    After opening new on airport in wroclaw terminal, bid organize for taxi corporation, in order to eliminate dishonest from they, which (who) tighten clients on superior rates. Precedent has not passed away in spite of bid, but passengers are duped further. So, safely and it is possible be hire make it from hiring establishment on hours more comfortable car ( equal as well as days ).

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